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Career Services staff at the Virginia Tech Visitor Center

Alphabetical staff list    |    whom to contact for what

Katie Baer Beach Assistant Director for Health Professions Advising
Lisa Boothe Employer Relations Manager
Jonathan Byers Career Advisor
Tamara Cherry-Clarke Assistant Director
Claire Childress Senior Assistant Director for Job Search & Graduate School Preparation
Kristen Coffey Graduate Assistant for 2015-2016
Catherine Copeland Senior Assistant Director for IT and Assessment | Web Administrator
Lauren Craft Employer Relations Assistant
Sue Ellen Crocker Office Manager
Vickie Earthman Receptionist
Jim Henderson Associate Director for Employer Relations
Matt Hudson Junior System Administrator
Ashley Jaramillo Career Advisor
Peter Johnston Receptionist
Kathy Jordan Assistant Director of Cooperative Education & Internship Program
Jamie Lanter Application Developer
Leigh Anne Leist Senior Assistant Director for Exploration and Experience
Amy McPherson Associate Director for Student Services
Jenean Meadows Cooperative Education & Internship Program, Enrollment Services Specialist
Stuart Mease Pamplin College of Business, Director of Undergraduate Career Services, and Career Services Liaison
Melissa Obenhaus Health Professions Advising Program Coordinator
Donna Cassell Ratcliffe Director
Ashley Roberts Event Planner and Social Media Coordinator
Carol Robinson Director of Health Professions Advising
Becca Scott Senior Assistant Director for Professional Development
Kelly Shannon Marketing Manager
Heidi Thuesen Career Advisor
Cathy Wagnon Office Assistant
Donna Weikel Employer Relations Coordinator
Steven White Graduate Assistant for 2015-2016
Debbie Wilson Assistant Director
Looking for some of our former staff members?
These staff members moved to other opportunities in 2015. We wish them well!
Ali Woodworth In March Ali moved to Boston to join the staff at Boston College.
Carolyn Haynes In July Carolyn left our office to join the staff at Giles High School.
Katie Steuer In August Katie relocated to San Diego and joined the staff at the University of San Diego.
John Gray Williams In August John Gray joined the staff of the College of Natural Resources and Environment.
Johanna Smith In September Johanna relocated to join the staff at the University of Chicago.
Lori Mitchell In October Lori left our office for a new professional opportunity.


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Career Services staff in the Smith Career Center