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Handshakes in the job search

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Handshakes are extremely important in the job search.


A good handshake that makes a positive impression:



Full contact, palm to palm.

When you extend your right hand, your palm faces left, not up or down.

Gender neutral. Women and men give and receive the same type of handshake.

Held for about two to three seconds.

Eye contact during handshake.

Exchange verbal introduction or greeting during handshake.

Smile (unless handshake occurs during expression of condolence or other situation in which a smile would not convey the appropriate message).


Need practice just on the handshake?

If you visit us for walk-in advising or an appointment, we'll be glad to give you feedback on your handshake.

Handshake feedback is also a part of our mock interview program. > Get a Grip: Handshaking 101 Avoid these 10 interview bloopers: Poor handshake How to shake hands at a job interview Don't Shake Off the Handshake: Research Confirms a Firm Grip Is Key to Successful Job Interview




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Handshakes are a critical job search skill