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Class of 1999 Post-Graduation Report


Top Employers
The following employers hired the largest numbers of bachelor's degree graduates from the class of 1999. They are listed in order from the most to least hired.

Virginia Tech

Arthur Andersen

American Management Systems


Ferguson Enterprises

Andersen Consulting

Lockheed Martin


U.S. Navy

Capital One

U.S. Air Force

General Electric

Marriott Hotels

Bechtel Power Corporation

Department of Defense

U.S. Marine Corps

Science Applications International Corporation

Hyatt Hotels

KPMG Peat Marwick

U.S. Army

Naval Surface Warfare Center


Enterprise Rent-A-Car


General Motors


Nortel Networks

Bell Atlantic

Ernst and Young

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

To see employers and job titles for each undergraduate major, see college data menus to choose the college that offers the major; then choose "employers / job titles / locations of employed students."  You'll see a menu of majors in that college; choose a major and "continue" to see the list for that major.


1998-99 report published March 2000
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