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Career Services Graduate Assistantship

The positions are filled for the 2015-2016 academic year.

20-hour per week academic year — fall through spring semester — opportunity for Virginia Tech master's level graduate students in the Higher Education (HED) program, Counselor Education program, or those interested in a career in college student services and/or advising or human resources.

The graduate assistantship in Career Services is designed to provide a broad range of knowledge about career services. G.A.s are trained as career services generalists; however, an applicant may indicate specific interest areas if desired. Efforts will be made to ensure that a G.A. is able to have experience in the areas of interest to him/her.

Selected graduate assistants receive a stipend and tuition reimbursement, and funds are provided for attendance at the VACE (Virginia Association of Colleges and Employers) conference (held in late April or early May).

Eligible graduate students and those entering the Higher Education (HED) master's program may apply through the processes established by the Higher Education (HED) master's program.

Students in unrelated academic programs whose career interests are unrelated to the purpose of this assistanship will not be considered.

Meet the current and past GAs | first jobs after graduate degree.

Contact for questions:

Students who have read the information above, and meet eligibility requirements, may, at the appropriate time, contact:
Ms. Amy McPherson
Associate Director for Student Services

Student opps: Work & Learn in Career Services

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