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VT-exclusive resources | just what it says!

Resources by job type, location, student population | new grads, internships, international, local, etc.

Career-field and/or major-related resources | career info, getting experience and post-grad employment

Industry + career research | rankings and reviews of employers

How-to | ...know where to start, get experience, job search skills

suggesting sites

VT-exclusive resources:

Hokies4Hire & On-Campus Interviewing for VT students/alumni only.
Internships, co-ops, post-grad jobs. Post your resume. Search jobs.
Apply for jobs for which employers have scheduled on-campus interviews.
All employers who ask to post jobs for VT students are asked to post in H4H.

Current Jobs for Graduates: VT user login to obtain username & password
After login, choose categories:  Art  |  Performing Arts  |  Liberal Arts  |  Liberal Arts Career News  |  Writing, Editing, Communications  |  Education  |  International  |  Management & Business
Career Services is a subscriber and we pay the fee that gives VT users access.

CareerShift Comprehensive online job search site, with features including ability to find contact names for personnel in organizations.
Career Services pays a significant fee to give access for Virginia Tech students.

GoinGlobal Extensive resources for job or internship search, including job-search-etiquette & protocols — anywhere, U.S. or abroad — for anyone, including student visa holders.
Career Services pays premium fee for access for currently-enrolled VT students and employees.

Hokie Nation Network: Student+alumni career networking
Professional networking for career exploration and job search for the VT community.
Sponsored and hosted by the Virginia Tech Alumni Association.


Resources by student population, location, job type:

Job type:

Internship sites — general, multi-field. Also see career fields for internships in those industries.

Federal government employment — Resources, tips, process for finding jobs and internships.


Virginia & local resources

International opportunities — Other resources, in addition to GoinGlobal.


Student & new grad sites — Aimed at college students and new grads.

General sites — For many career fields, all types of job seekers.

International student job search — work authorization issues; resources for International students.

Graduate student job search — industry and academic job search. Use with job & internship search guide.

Diversity resources

LGBTQ resources

Disability resources


Choose your career field and/or major-related interests

— Sources for career information, getting experience, and employment at graduation:

Agriculture | Horticulture | Food Science | Biotech (also see Sciences...)

Animal Health | Veterinary Medicine | Zoology | Zoos and Acquariums

Architecture & Design | Building Construction

Arts | Fine Arts | Graphic Design | Performing Arts | Entertainment | Music Industry

Bilingual Jobs | Education: ESL | International and Language Instruction

Business | Accounting | Economics | Finance | HR | Marketing & Sales

Communication | Public Relations | Media | Writing | Editing | Publishing | Advertising

Consumer Affairs

Education: Pre-K-12

Education: Higher | Academia

Education: ESL | Teaching English Abroad | International and Language Instruction | Bilingual Jobs

Engineering | Technology | IT | Computer | Math | Statistics

Environment | Green Jobs | Natural Resources | Sustainable Biomaterials | Geography | Forestry | Fisheries | Wildlife (also see Sciences...)

Fashion | Apparel | Textiles Industry

Federal Government Employment includes Federal jobs by college major

Government, State & Local | Governmental Issues & Public Policy | Law | Law Enforcement | Criminal Justice

Health Care | Mental Health | Psychology-related

History Research | Historic Preservation | Living History Museums | Museums

Hospitality & Tourism | Travel | Food & Beverage | Outdoors | Camps

Military careers | Military-to-civilian transition

Nonprofit | Social & Human Service | Sociology-related | International Service & Development

Sciences: Life & Physical (also see Agriculture... also see Environment...)

Sports | Recreation | Fitness & Wellness | Human Nutrition | Dietetics



Industry | career | employer research + ratings, rankings, reviews of jobs, internships, employers for college students and grads.



Where and how to start looking for jobs online — tips on where to start if all the options daunt you.

Get experience in college — get more than one type, and start early.

Job & internship search guide from resume to relocation. Finding jobs is one thing; knowing how to present yourself successfully to employers is another. This covers the skills you need and is for all VT students.


Do you wish to suggest a site for one of our lists / categories?

Suggestions of additional sites useful to Virginia Tech students and relevant to career issues may be considered.
We accept and welcome suggestions only from Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students.
Please note and follow these guidelines:
1. Before suggesting a website, search our site for it [search box at top of this page].
    If you find the site you like, we are glad that we have it listed!
2. As an educational institution with an educational mission, we do not endorse products for sale to our students.
3. We are not able to give attention to mass mailings.
4. No PDF or other attachments accepted for recommending a website.
5. In your request, include:
  - Subject line with the name of the website you are recommending.
    [Subject lines such as "question about your site" commonly used by mass-mailers, will not receive attention.]
  - Email should include your full name, VT email address, VT department and affiliation (student, F/S), phone.
  - Email should include the recommended website name, URL and a brief description.
6. Send to copeland @ Requests sent by mass-mailers to other staff members will not receive attention.
  - Requests will be evaluated at our convenience. Repeat and duplicate requests will delay consideration.
  - We make no promise or suggestion whatsoever that we will link to any website.

If you wish to post a specific employment opportunityinternship or post-graduation job — for our students, thank you! — Please contact our employer relations staff to post your job in Hokies4Hire.