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Post-Graduation Report

Career Planning Guide

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Post-Graduation Reports: What grads do after the undergrad degree

After-graduation status and pre-graduation experience of new Virginia Tech grads.
Based on our annual survey of all B.A., B.S., and A.S. graduates.
Annual reports online: See latest report or all annual reports
Information is viewable by university, by college and by major, and includes:

  • Grads continuing education: graduate or professional school or other.
    By undergrad major: Grad/professional/other degrees, programs, institutions.
  • Employed grads:
    By undergrad major: Job titles, employers, locations.
    Salary & bonus data | How grads found jobs
  • All: Experience during college | Advice sources | MORE

Career Planning Guide

Explains resume preparation, cover letters, other job search correspondence, interview prep, planning for graduate or professional school and much more. Includes sample resumes, letters and reference list.

HARD COPY guidebook:

  • FREE to Virginia Tech students; visit Smith Career Center during office hours.
  • Faculty and staff can request copies for your students, offices, classes, etc. Call 231-6241 to arrange delivery (campus mail) or pick-up.


Many topics also covered here on the Career Services website.


Job and internship search:
- Job search guide topics
- Getting experience during college
- Resume writing guidelines, including samples
- Cover letters, job search correspondence
- Jobs posted online
- Interviewing skills
- After-interview thank-you letters

Graduate or professional school:
- Planning for graduate or professional school
- Should you go?
- Health professions advising

Much more. See A-Z index


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Post-Graduation Reports

College reports
For faculty, staff, administrators: advising, workshop data, more.

Advising data


Career Chasse blog by Claire Childress


Young, Polished, and Professional blog by Becca Scott


Health Professions Advisng blog by Katie Beach