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Post-Graduation Survey: 2012-2013 VT grads

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Dear 2012-2013 grads who completed undergraduate degrees,

Thank you to the 3,257 of you who responded to the Post-Graduation Survey.

Your survey was open for almost six months. It is now closed.

December 2012 grads: Your survey opened 12/19/2012 and closed 6/6/2013.

May+summer 2012 grads: Your survey opened 4/9/2013 and closed 11/5/2013.

All graduates had continuous access to the online survey for those time periods.

Non-respondents received multiple requests to complete the survey during that time.


Where are you going? Tell us.

Going where?
Everyone wants to know
what grads do after the degree.

Annual survey for:

ALL bachelor's and associate's degree graduates.
To learn about your career planning during college.
To learn your after-graduation plans.

What if plans were not certain?

That could be stated on the survey. Responses could be updated as long as the survey was open. Respondents were notified of the opportunity to update responses.


Fast, user-friendly survey:

Login in to the survey.

Fast, easy.

It took just 30 seconds to answer the first, most important question.
Then respondents could decide whether to answer other questions.
NO error messages were given for skipped items.
It took grads an average of about five minutes to complete the survey.

Individual responses are confidential:

We do not publish or share names or individual responses — as you see in the annual Post-Graduation Report — we list data and facts by major, college, university. Individual identifying information is not disclosed.

Why we asked:

1. The information is valuable — to academic departments, to employers who hire Virginia Tech graduates, and especially to current and future students and their parents. Data from the survey is used to respond to a wide variety of internal and external requests for information. The past Reports are online viewable by anyone.

2. Federal law requires that universities provide certain information to current and prospective students:

Federal law requires universities to report data about graduates.

The Post-Graduation REPORT [based on the survey] is used by the Virginia Tech Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness: Student Consumer Information to meet federal requirements for disclosure and reporting of data on "student outcomes," specifically employment and graduate/professional school "placement" following the undergraduate degree.

Why we appreciate those who responded:

Because you're a part of the university community.
Current and future students have the same questions you have.

Log in to the survey.

Give something to help
those who follow you.

Because past graduates responded, we can tell you:
- What graduates of your major are doing after graduation.
- Graduate/professional schools attended by grads of your major.
- Employers, job titles and locations of graduates.
- Salary data.
- What grads wished they had done differently.
All this, and more is in the annual Post-Graduation Report.
Some form of this survey has been conducted since the 1970s.
View all annual reports and multi-year summaries.


Donna Cassell Ratcliffe, Director, Career Services
Catherine Copeland, Senior Assistant Director for Assessment


When will the report be available?

The survey closed in early November; the report on the 2012-2013 graduates will be published by Feb. 2014. See annual reports and multi-year summaries.

New grad plans not certain?

Career Services still assists new grads:

Your job search

Planning for graduate or professional school


Graduation Qs?

Domain of the University Registrar:

University Registrar: graduating student FAQs

AFD, DARS, grad reqs, degrees, diplomas, commencement, etc.

Domain of Virginia Tech Information Technology:

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