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Post-Graduation Survey completed for 2009-2010 grads

Survey for those who completed a Virginia Tech undergraduate degree:
bachelor's or associate's degree.

The survey is now closed for the 2009-2010 academic year's grads.

Thanks to the graduates who told us your post-graduation plans and status!

Where are you going?
Thanks to those who told us!

Thank you to the 3,435 graduates in academic year 2009-2010 who completed the Virginia Tech Post-Graduation Survey!

The university asked all B.A., B.S., and A.S. graduates to respond to the Post-Graduation Survey.

Grads logged in to the survey with Virginia Tech PID and password to insure that only appropriate graduates were completing the survey.

The survey purpose is to learn after-graduation plans and career planning during college.

Grads whose plans were not yet solid were asked to respond to the survey and were given opportunities to update responses later.

30-second to five-minute survey.

Fast, easy.

The survey is easy, fast, and confidential. In 30 seconds grads could answer just the first question — the most important one — and then decide whether to answer other questions. The survey took about five minutes to complete.

Why we ask:

The information is valuable — to academic departments, to employers who hire Virginia Tech graduates, and to current and future students and their parents. Data from the survey is used by the university to respond to inquiries from U.S. News and World Report.

Why you should respond:

Because you're a part of the university community.

That little person might be a VT student one day.

Give something to help
those who follow you.

Because past graduates responded, and that's why we can tell you:
- What graduates of your major are doing after graduation.
- Graduate & professional schools attended by grads of your major.
- Employers, job titles and locations of graduates.
- Salaries.
All this, and more is in the Post-Graduation Report.
Some form of this survey has been conducted since the 1970s.
You can view past reports online from 95-96 to the most current.


Donna Cassell Ratcliffe, Director, Career Services
Catherine Copeland, Assistant Director for Assessment


Survey dates:

May-summer 2010 grads' survey closed
11-12-10; opened 4-5-10. Thank you to the 65% who responded.

December 2009 grads' survey closed 6-7-10; opened 11-16-09. Thank you to the 67% who responded.

Fast, easy:

  • It took 30 seconds to answer the 1st question.
  • The whole survey took 5 minutes to complete.

Privacy note:

  • We don't publish or share names or individual responses — as you see in the Post-Graduation Report.
  • In the report, we list data and facts by major and college. Individual identifying information is not disclosed.

Plans not firm?
We still offer new grads help with:

Job search

Planning for graduate or professional school

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AFD, DARS, grad reqs, degrees, commencement, diplomas, etc.:
University Registrar: graduating student FAQs

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