Career Services

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Thank you for joining us as partners to promote the career development progress of your Virginia Tech students.

Overview of advising, education, and resources we offer to students

Our broad array of advising, educational content and programs, and print and online resources are designed to help students with career topics described below.

Advising, education, and resources for students include:

Walk-in advising

Advising appointments

Career and Internship Advisors for majors


Etiquette dinner

Career exploration and choice of major

Seeking internships and other career-related experience during college

  • All students are encouraged to get experience during college that is related to their career goals. Over 90% of our Virginia Tech students graduate with more than one type of experience; yet a quarter of our graduates wish they had acquired even more. The types of experience students acquire vary by career field, and include: volunteer work, part-time jobs, summer jobs, unpaid internships, paid internships, cooperative education (co-op), undergraduate research, and field study.
  • Career Services administers the Undergraduate Cooperative Education & Internship Program [CEIP] and advises all students on pursuing career-related experience.
  • Finding experience also requires learning job seach skills. Learning those skills early in college helps students start senior year well prepared when the time comes for the post-graduation job search.
  • Resources include:

    Ways to get experience


    Undergraduate Cooperative Education & Internship Program

    Job & internship fairs

    Career Resource Center

    Career and Internship Advisors for majors

    VT networking:

    Virginia Tech LinkedIn

    Hokie Nation Network


Job search for post-graduation employment

Planning for graduate or professional school