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Uncertain about career options? We can help.

Having questions and
curiousity are good things!

Your major is important, but you as a person are much more than just your major! Once you start the job search, employers will look at your extracurricular activities, your experience related to your career goals (whether paid or not), and much more.

Major alone won't get you hired. The sum-total of your experience, in and out of the classroom, will help determine your opportunities.

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About the process of choosing
Learn about Virginia Tech majors
What do VT grads do with majors? — jobs/employers and grad degrees/schools of new VT grads
Salaries of new VT grads by major
What do I major in if I want to be a teacher?
What do I major in if I want to apply to grad/professional school for a health profession?
More about majors and careers
People who can advise & inform you about majors & careers

About the process of choosing a major

Learn about Virginia Tech majors

What VT grads do with majors

Post-Graduation Report | first destination after undergraduate degree
[Career Services | Post-Graduation Report | based on survey of all new grads]

What do I major in if I want to be a teacher?

Virginia Tech > School of Education > Office of Academic Programs

What do I major in, and what courses do I take, if I want to apply to graduate or professional school for a HEALTH profession?

[Health Professions Advising, Career Services, Virginia Tech]

More about majors and careers:

After your research, talk to people about majors and careers:

Of course no one else can make decisions for you, but they can offer you valuable advice and perspective so that your decisions are based on more complete information. You'll formulate the best questions, and people will be better able and willing to assist you, if you do your research first.

Advising in the university:

  • Career Advisors for undergraduate majors
    [also called Departmental Career Advisors or DCAs]
    [Virginia Tech]
    Faculty and/or staff in each major academic department whom you can consult about career options associated with their majors.
  • Career Services advising
    [Career Services]
    We can help you sort out the decisions you need to make, and help you find and use resources that will help you.
    We cannot advise you on course requirements for majors and minors; you must consult the department offering the major or minor.

Working-world information sources:

  • Hokie Nation Network
    [Virginia Tech Alumni Association]

    Professional and social networking for the Virginia Tech community.
    Find someone working in a field about which you are CURIOUS.
    Request an informational interview.
  • Job fairs and career fairs
    [Each VT-affiliated event is sponsored by a VT college, department, student organization, or alumni chapter. Other beyond-VT organizations sponsor events focused on urban areas or career fields.]
    Note purpose and sponsor of each event. Some focus on certain career fields.
    Note that the employment world is not organized by major!
    Do your homework before going: read each event website to see who's attending and the types of jobs they offer; employers are impressed by students who show up prepared. Then go to learn more first-hand from employers about internships and entry-level career options.


Career & major exploration

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Is there a test I can take to figure out a major or career?

There's help, but it's not technically a test. Self-assessment can help you sort out your skills, interests, values and personality to see how these fit with careers. Determine career options and choose a major to get you there.

Considering grad or professional school?

Planning for graduate or professional school exploring options, choosing schools and programs, and preparing to apply.

Health Professions Advising [HPA] at Virginia Tech: for any Virginia Tech student planning for graduate/professional education for a health career. Freshmen are encouraged to start preparing in your first year.

Virginia Tech Graduate School: graduate programs offered at Virginia Tech.



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