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Intern salaries | wage rates

Virginia Tech new graduate (undergraduate degree) salaries

National new graduate salary data from NACE, the National Association of Colleges & Employers

Comprehensive salary info | cost of living & relocation calculators


You will find both free and fee-based information and services online. We encourage you to use free services. If you choose to purchase fee-based services, do so of your own volition after having researched the options.



Salaries of students ENROLLED in the Virginia Tech Cooperative Education | Internship Program (CEIP). Majority are engineering majors; a small number are business majors.

Use INTERN in JOB TITLE to search intern salaries on > Salaries
Source: Salaries posted anonymously by employees and employers.



Virginia Tech Post-Graduation Report salary chart by college | major for those who completed UNDERGRADUATE degrees
Career Services' annual survey of VT bachelor's degree (and one associate's degree) graduates closes six months after commencement. Report includes medians and percentiles, by college and by major*, of salaries reported by employed graduates.
* Median salary for a major is available IF at least four graduates reported a salary.
25th and 75th percentiles are available if at least 12 graduates reported a salary.


The Post-Graduation Survey is not conducted with graduate students. Based on a careful analysis of the numbers of graduates per year by graduate program at Virginia Tech, employment percentages and response rate of graduates, for the vast majority of programs there are insufficient numbers to provide median salary data for graduates of graduate programs; thus we do not attempt to collect this on a university-wide basis. However, your academic department may in fact collect this... see next item for additional information.

Virginia Tech GRADUATE STUDENTS interested in salary data for graduates of your program are encouraged to:
(1) View the website of your academic department. They may collect and publish salary data of graduates.
(2) Contact your academic department (graduate studies coordinator, career advisor, department chair, etc.) to ASK if your program collects such data (even if you don't find it published online), or if the faculty and staff are familiar with the career plans and status of the program's graduates;
(3) research comprehensive salary sources, which in many cases enable you to find data by industry, location, years of work experience, and other factors that can influence salary. This may be more useful than knowing the salaries of a small number of classmates without knowing their industries, locations, and years of prior work experience.



NACE = National Association of Colleges and Employers:
Gathers, analyzes, and publishes salary information to assist new graduates and employers.

NACE methodology: NACE data is provided in partnership with Job Search Intelligence (JSI). Using patents pending algorithms and datasets which are proprietary to JSI and are derived from: U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Federal Reserve, and proprietary resources.

[Please NOTE:, if you seek SALARY DATA as reported by Virginia Tech graduates who completed UNDERGRADUATE degrees, Career Services collects SALARY DATA REPORTED BY VIRGINIA TECH graduates, viewable to all and described above.)

NACE Salary Calculators for JOB SEEKERS and EMPLOYERS
Job seeker calculator serves both undergraduate and graduate students: This is a "give-to-get" tool; you'll have to provide required information in your salary query.

NACE Salary Survey — new graduate salary data
Some reports are for members only, and some are free to anyone.
Reports to be published January, April, and September.


Free-to-all: Highlights are Executive Summary Reports
Published January, April and September; 8-page reports with salary medians and ranges by discipline, top-paying and top-hiring industries with average starting salaries.

Members-only reports:
May be viewed in hard copy in Career Services during office hours; the report is copyrighted by NACE, and we do not have permission to publish this report online.
These include bachelor's degree new graduate salaries by major and industry; salary ranges for majors and clusters: business; engineering; humanities; social science; math and science.
VT students: We are happy to assist you in finding information in the report through an advising appointment or walk-in advising.
Employers: you are invited to contact our employer relations staff for information contained in the report.



Career Services does not own or maintain the websites listed below.
Links are provided as a service to Virginia Tech students and alumni.
We encourage you to use free services online.
Career Services does not endorse any fee-based products or services.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wages, Earnings & Benefits
BLS is part of the U.S. Dept. of Labor, and collects and "publishes a large amount of information" on this topic.
Occupational Outlook Handbook includes median pay for occupations.

Career > Salaries
Salaries based on submissions by anyone. View salaries by location, state, city, zipcode, job title, industry, company. Data may be more useful if looking at larger organizations for which more employees submitted salaries. Watch the N; even if just one person submits a salary, that is reported.

Salaries are posted by individuals. View by job title or company. > profession-specific salary survey data
Caution: not all sources listed are up-to-date links.
Use free salary paycheck calculator to determine deductions from your gross pay, and thus net pay. > Free Salary and Benefits Report cost of living calculator
This is a "give-to-get" tool; you have to provide extensive information to get salary data.
Site requires you to complete a survey to get info on: salary info for current job; evaluating a job offer; or researching a job that is not your own. > Cost of living for states and cities in the U.S.
This is a "give-to-get" tool; you have to provide extensive information to get salary data.

Search by keyword and location to find average salaries by job title.

What People Earn | Annual Parade Magazine article
Salaries of real people in a wide variety of jobs, and salaries of celebrities.

U.S. Federal government GS (General Schedule) pay scale information.
On U.S. Office of Personnel Management website.
More resources for seeking federal employment.