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Housing resources for internships, co-ops or relocation for post-grad employment

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Purpose of this page: for Virginia Tech students seeking resources to help find housing for internships, co-ops NOT in commuting distance from Blacksburg.

Virginia Tech students looking for off-campus housing in Blacksburg should visit the Virginia Tech Off-Campus Housing Office website.


1. Help from your employer

Your employer should be the first source of information and assistance you seek if you are looking for housing for a short-term (or longer-term) work assignment such as an internship or co-op. Employers know that intern and co-op students, new graduates, and other employees, who are relocating for the job, need assistance and information.

First, review the employer's web site to determine if information is provided.

Second, see if your employer offers verbal or written information at any time during the process of application, interviewing, other contacts, and the internship/co-op offer.

Third, if you have not found information on the employer's web site, AND the employer has not initiated providing this information, ASK! If you are offered an interview, during the interview process, you might ask, "How have previous interns/co-ops found housing?" or "Do you provide any information or resources to help interns/co-ops find housing for the work assignment?"

If your employer does not provide any information or any assistance finding information, the online resources below might help.

2. Online resources

Career Services does not own or maintain the websites listed below.
We provide links as a service to Virginia Tech students and alumni.

If your employer does not provide any information or any assistance finding information, these online resources might help:

  1. Apartment
    - Search for housing for an internship or relocation for a job.
    - Allows students the option to search by short-term housing, furnished apartments, unfurnished apartments, amenities, price, etc.
  3. Charlotte, NC, Summer Intern Housing at Queens University
  4. Best Places to Live
  5. Colleges and universities near your internship/co-op/work location:
    - Look online for off-campus housing listings/resources.
    - Summer only work? See if they open residence halls for summer for non-students.
    Here's a sample list for major cities:
    Internship housing resources [Emory University Career Center].
    List of universities (and a few other sources) where students might secure housing in these major cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Washington DC.
  6. Educational Housing Services =
    Student housing in New York City.
    "We believe safe, affordable, student living is a key part of academic success. And for more than two decades we have provided students from across America and over 50 countries worldwide with high quality independent residences in New York, the most exciting city in the world."
  7. Housing resources list [Univ. of Notre Dame Career Center]
    Resources for Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, LA, NYC, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington DC, National
  8. New York City intern housing
  9. > summer housing resources for major cities
    As of Sept 2012 includes Washington DC; Philadelphia; Boston; Chicago; NYC; Austin, Seattle.
  10. WISH (Washington Intern Student Housing)
    - Housing in Capitol Hill area of Washington, D.C.
    - Walking or public transportation distance from many work locations

Looking for... Vagabond Guide to Summer Housing?
- .... it's a phantom. Lots of people had this listing in their housing resources... and it was around for a long time, but as of sometime in 2010 or early 2011, it no longer exists. The URL was: [interpret that as Career Development Center at the University of Richmond, University Career Action Network. That office is no longer cdc; it's now Career Services. Old URL no longer exists.]


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Protect yourself:
Career Services does not implicitly or specifically endorse any particular service, fee-based or free. We strongly encourage you, the student, to be a wise consumer: do your research and read the fine print and check references before using any service.

Ask your employer to help you with the relocation process! Your employer has an interest in your being safe and happy with your living location.