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This guide is FOR:

All Virginia Tech students:

Undergrads: freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors
Graduate students
Students of all majors
Seeking experience during college, including internships
Seeking jobs at completion of your degree
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Basic job search skills and expectations of employers are universal to all career fields and types of jobs!
Effective job search strategies can vary by career field.
Learn the basics, and we can help you tailor your strategies to your career field and goals.


Not sure where to BEGIN?

Begin building your resume.
Tips for the job search.
How VT grads found jobs.
Job & internship websites.
Any of the topics on your mind now!


Need to TALK with someone?

Through advising — walk-in or appointments — we can help you fine-tune your documents, your interpersonal skills and your strategies to seek employment.


Free knowledge. Bring your own container.

Free knowledge.
Bring your own container.


VT-exclusive resouces include:
- Hokies4Hire
- Current Jobs for Grads
- CareerShift
- GoinGlobal
- Hokie Nation Network


Federal government job & internship search

Grad student job search
Academic | Industry

Career field sources
Career info, job sources

Internship sources

Multicultural resources

LGBTQ resources

Disability resources


Virginia & local resources

International opportunities

Going Global: for international job search


International students: Guidelines, considerations for your job search.