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Cover letters and more correspondence in the job search

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Cover letters, and other letters
Hard copy and email topics

  1. Guidelines for correspondence in your job search
    Do I have to send a cover letter with my resume?
    Dear whom? (What if I can't find a name?)
    Hard copy or email? When to use which.
  2. Email guidelines and business etiquette in your job search
  3. Researching employers — why and how
    Well, what has this got to do with writing a letter or e-mail? If you don't research, your letter will sound..., well, generic, which won't make you seem like someone who really wants to work for that employer.
  4. Cover letter types and samples
    It's called a cover letter, because in hard copy it covers the resume.
    It's seen first, and persuades (you hope!) the recipient to read the resume (and think you're an effective writer when you're pitching yourself for a job).
  5. After your interviews / follow up / thank-you letters
  6. Acknowledging a job offer
  7. Declining a job offer
  8. Requesting extension of deadline to accept or decline offer
  9. Accepting an offer and withdrawing from the job search



Q: Do I have to send a letter with my resume if I'm applying directly on an employer's web site?

A: Look closely at the employer's online instructions. If their online system permits you to submit a letter, do it. It's just one more way for you to stand out from other applicants by showing that initiative. If it's not possible, then obviously you can't. But do some research and see if you can find a networking contact in the organization to help get your application noticed.