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Practice interviews

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We support your preparation for success whether interviewing for experience during college, a post-graduation job, or admission to graduate or professional school!

Two options:

"Mock" Interview Program

Interview Stream

What In-person, one-on-one, interview, feedback. Web-based interview practice.
Use a webcam to record your interview.
Review and feedback options.
For whom Current Virginia Tech students only. Anyone with Virginia Tech PID & password.
Use Limited. Unlimited use.
When By appointment during business hours. Any time 24/7. Interview Stream login.
Time needed Allow for up to 75 minutes on premises. Allow 30 minutes. How much time to use?
Where Held in Career Services.
Attend wearing interview attire.
Where you have Internet & webcam.
If you don't have a webcam.
Schedule By appointment. How to schedule and what you'll need to have ready. Any time 24/7. Interview Stream login.
Rules Strict cancellation and no-show policies. N/A
Groups, classes Not for group/class assignments.
Faculty|Staff: please see group/class assignments for practice interviews.
Ideal for group/class assignments!
Review and feedback options.
Learn more More about Mock Interviews, documents needed, and how to schedule. More about Interview Stream.
Three easy steps to use.
Guidelines & tips in Interview Stream.