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About Hokies4Hire (H4H)

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Purpose of Hokies4Hire [H4H]:

Students and alumni:
Post your resume.
View and apply for post-grad jobs, internships, co-ops.
Apply for jobs that have an On-Campus Interview (OCI).
FAQs about H4H  |  FAQs about OCI

Can alumni participate in Hokies4Hire?
Can alumni participate in OCI?
Student quick start guide PDF

Post jobs, internships, and co-ops for Virginia Tech students and new graduates.
View resumes.
Schedule On-Campus Interviews and much more.
Please see Employer Services for details and assistance!

What and when is the On-Campus Interviewing Program [OCI]?

Each year 250-350 employers send representatives to travel to campus to interview students.
Interviews are for post-graduation jobs, internships and co-ops.
Interviews occur during 8-10 weeks of fall semester and 7-9 weeks of spring semester.
Employers often book their interview dates many months in advance.
Students apply for each job of interest 2-3 weeks prior to the interview date.
There is a set schedule of OCI dates | deadlines.
Number of employers and students who participated in OCI.
Annual variation by employers is due to the economy and the job market.
OCI and job fairs are not the same thing!
FAQs about OCI | When to participate

See interview attire guidelines for women and men.


Cancellation and Missed Interview Policy for Students:

No-showing for an interview you schedule is unacceptable.
Read the Cancellation & Missed Interview Policy for students.
Participation in OCI is a privilege you can lose.
"I didn't know," is not accepted as an excuse.

Position Statement and Expectations of Employers and Students:

Position Statement about campus recruiting and job postings | Expectations of Employers and Students

Have questions? Need help?

H4H FAQs  |   OCI FAQs  |   Orientation  |   Student quick start guide PDF

Call (540) 231-6241 during office hours, to speak with our Career Services staff for Hokies4Hire help.

Persons with a disability who desire assistance or accommodation:

Visit or call our office (540) 231-6241 during office hours to speak with our Career Services staff for Hokies4Hire assistance, OR email