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   for any medical career requiring education beyond the bachelor's degree.





Pre-Law advising and resources at Virginia Tech

Pre-law advising

Pre-Law Advising at Virginia Tech:

Events | Advising | "Is law for me?" | Student Law Societies | Preparing | Applying | More

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Pre-law advisors

Dr. Wayne Moore
Dr. Luke Philip Plotica
Additional pre-law advisors and contact information

When should I contact the advisor?

Please see Welcome: Pre-Law Advising at Virginia Tech which provides, and encourages you to use, of a variety of resources, AND to seek personal advising.

For all students exploring career options, Career Services welcomes you to make an advising appointment to explore and do self-assessment, and we encourage you to start in your first year.


Health Professions Advising at Virginia Tech

Health Professions Advising


Health Professions Advising [HPA] at Virginia Tech:
Health Professions Advising [HPA] assists students and alumni pursuing a health career in medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, occupational theaphy, nursing, physician's assistant or other graduate health professions. Any student or alumnus of Virginia Tech, regardless of major, may use the services of HPA. Although the majority of health professions students major in a science field, this is not required.

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Health Professions Advising events

Pre-professional clubs

Medical school:
• Alpha Epsilon Delta (Pre-Med Honor Society)*
American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
• Pre-SOMA (Pre-Med Students of Osteopathic Med.)*
• Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS)*

Dental School:
Pre-Dental Club

Optometry School:
Pre-Optometry Club

Physical Therapy:
• Physical Therapy Club*

* Find info/websites on Virginia Tech student organizations directory

Pre-health advisors

Health Professions Advising [HPA] personnel

Professional school and career specialty advisors in Biological Sciences

When should I contact the advisor?

HPA has 30-minute information sessions: HPA 101 and HPA 202.
Freshmen and sophomores are strongly encouraged to attend HPA 101 before meeting with an advisor one-on-one.
HPA also offers walk-in advising and appointments.


Pre-Veterinary advising at Virginia Tech and VMRCVM

Academic resources

Pre-Vet Option in Animal and Poultry Sciences

Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (VMRCVM):
- VMRCVM DVM Program Admission Requirements
- VMRCVM Annual Open House
- VMRCVM Admissions Contacts

Pre-professional club Pre-Veterinary Medical Association at Virginia Tech
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Pre-veterinary advising

Dr. Michael Denbow, Department of Animal & Poultry Sciences

Health professions campus coordinators at Virginia Tech

Ms. Joyce Bohr Massie, DVM Program Admissions Coordinator
Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (VMRCVM)
DVM admissions contacts and counseling

When should I contact the advisor?

It's almost never too early! If you are a freshman considering professional school, you are smart to begin planning now!
Pre-professional advisors encourage you to read the listed/linked resources because they answer questions many students have, tell you procedures and how to make appointments, and make you aware of important events. After reading, you'll know the best timing and how to consult an advisor; advisors can address your questions not covered online, or clarify any confusion you might have.

Pre-Education Advising Program [PEAP] at Virginia Tech

Teacher / Counselor preparation:

Teaching and school counseling require graduate degrees.
The Virginia Tech School of Education offers teacher or school counselor licensure as a part of the graduate program in education. 
As undergraduates, students choose from many undergraduate majors and minors while simultaneously working on course requirements established by the Virginia Department of Education, as well as specific state and national teacher assessments. Students apply to the Graduate School during their senior year.
Quick reference: The Virginia Tech School of Education provides information on:
- Licensure programs
- Graduate education programs
- Majors to choose based on your desired teaching subjects

Pre-Education Advising Program [PEAP]

The Pre-Education Advising Program is located within the Office of Academic Programs in the School of Education at Virginia Tech and provides support for undergraduate students who wish to pursue careers in teaching and school counseling. Please see the Pre-Education Advising Program for all advice and services provided.

Pre-Education Advisor:

Ms. Dawn Knight, MAEd
Pre-Education Advising Program Coordinator
School of Education, Virginia Tech
War Memorial Hall, Rm 107

When should I contact the advisor?

It is strongly recommended that you contact PEAP even if you are just thinking about becoming a teacher or school counselor. If you are a freshman, you are smart to begin planning now, as most licensure programs have endorsement courses that need to be completed prior to applying. Some lists are longer than others and require that you start early to avoid adding extra semesters to your undergraduate period. PEAP is the most efficient way to stay in touch with the School of Education while you are an undergraduate student. PEAP provides updates about licensure requirements, education-related events, and important deadlines. Students must be a member of PEAP to make appointments with a Pre-Education Advisor.


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