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Recruiting Services for Employers

  • Employers seeking candidates for:
    • internships
    • cooperative education positions
    • post-graduation employment
  • Both new and past users:

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  • New users: we'll send you instructions by email within one business day.
  • You search for resumes online and contact the candidates directly.
  • Please note that the resume search function is not available to 3rd party recruiters.


Would you like to conduct interviews on campus?

  • Please see On-Campus Interviewing. This program runs for nine weeks in fall semester and nine weeks in spring semester, giving employers the opportunity to schedule an interview date with us, post the positions in advance, receive resumes from interested candidates, select from those candidates, and conduct interviews in our facility.
  • We can also accomodate employers who want more flexibility to do your own thing or to have interview space during off-season.


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Internships and


  • Usually one summer or academic semester.
  • Occasionally two work terms.
  • Paid or unpaid, depending on industry or field.
  • Part-time or full-time, depending on employer's needs.
  • Our grads told us:
    51% reported having paid internships;
    23% reported having unpaid internships.

Cooperative Education positions

  • Multiple work terms.
  • Work terms alternate with school semesters.
  • Work terms include fall & spring semesters.
  • Paid or unpaid positions.
  • Full-time; 32 hrs/wk minimum.
  • Engineering majors comprise over 90% of students enrolled in our co-op program; business majors comprise 4-7% (varies by semester).
  • Co-op is open to all majors but internships are more common for most other students.