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Recruiting Services for Employers

The Hokies4Hire database allows employers to post jobs and conduct searches for Virginia Tech students and recent graduates who have posted their resumes in Hokies4Hire.

We invite you to post:

Cooperative education positions (a.k.a. co-ops).
Post-graduation positions for graduating students.

Online posting is through Hokies4Hire

Maximum visibility 24/7/365.
Posting is easy; takes less than three minutes; there is no fee.

Student search feature:

The student search feature allows employers to search for potential candidates by major, degree, graduation date and other keyword searches. After conducting a search you may download or print resumes and contact those students directly.

Both new and past users:
Employer login to Hokies4Hire.
For new users, we'll send you instructions by e-mail within one business day.


Please contact our Employer Relations staff


Internships & co-ops

Students often ask us the difference between internships and co-ops:


Usually one summer or semester.

Occasionally two work terms.

Paid or unpaid, depends on industry / field.

Part- or full-time, per employer's needs.

92% of our 2013-2014 grads reported having career-related experience during college. Grads could check all types; 51% had paid internships; 23% had unpaid internships.

Cooperative Education:

Multiple work terms.

Work terms alternate with school semesters.

Work terms include fall & spring semesters.

Usually paid positions.

Full-time; 32 hrs/wk min.

Most recent two years, engineering majors comprised 83-92% of students enrolled in our co-op program; business majors comprised 3-6%.

Co-op is open to all majors but internships are more common for most other students.