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Recruiting Services for Employers

Participating in OCI enables you to interview in our comfortable facilities and meet with many students during one campus visit. You may interview for internships, cooperative education positions, and permanent employment positions for graduating students.

Policies related to recruiting

When interviews occur

  • Eight to ten interview weeks each semester (varies annually):
    • Fall semester: approximately late September - early December.
    • Spring semester: approximately late January - early April.
    • Please see OCI dates and deadlines for specific dates for the current year.
  • Limited off-season interviewing may also be arranged for special circumstances through our informal program.

To schedule your interview dates

  • Reservations begin approximately 10 months before interviews begin, starting in early December for the next academic year. Interview space is limited and may fill quickly. However, even in summer you can still contact us about fall recruiting dates.
  • Contact our recruiting staff to discuss available dates.

Steps in the OCI Program process

  • After you've scheduled your interview dates with us, we'll send you instructions by e-mail to on how to submit your job information on-line and next steps.
  • Interview dates and employers' jobs are publicized to students on-line through Hokies4Hire.
  • Employers have the option to schedule information sessions in connection with interviews. These are also publicized to students on-line through Hokies4Hire.
  • Students submit resumes and apply on-line for employers' jobs. They have specific deadlines, based on the interview dates, approximately three weeks before the interviews.
  • Employers access applicant resumes on-line, pre-screen applicants you wish to invite (and you may choose alternates) for interviews, and enter your selections on-line. Your deadline is just over a week prior to the interview week.
  • During the week prior to the interview week, the students you selected (and alternates) may sign up on-line for 30-minute interview timeslots. First interviews begin at 8:30 a.m., and last interviews of the day end at 4:30 p.m.
  • The advance selection and sign-up processes follow a set schedule. The chart of OCI dates and deadlines tells you the exact deadlines for students to apply for jobs and for you to submit names of chosen students on-line.
  • Interviews are conducted one-on-one, employer to student, in Career Services facilities.

The Informal Program

  • If the formal program does not meet your needs, the informal program permits you to visit on shorter notice and during weeks outside the formal program schedule. We will provide interviewing space as available.
  • To participate:
    • Collect resumes from students through means convenient to you:
      • Access resumes online.
      • Other sources such as job fairs, resume books, job postings, giving presentations to student groups, unsolicited resumes you have received, etc.
    • Contact our Employer Relations staff to establish an interview date.
    • You, or the Career Services employer relations staff, will contact your selected students to establish the interview schedule.

What to expect on the date of interviews

    • Location of interviews: Smith Career Center, 2nd floor (unless you have made other arrangements). Smith Career Center location, maps, directions, parking.
    • Parking and parking pass: Your parking pass and map will be mailed in advance. Park in the Coliseum parking lot on Washington Street, across from Smith Career Center. Be sure to place your parking pass on your rearview mirror. If you do not have a parking pass, be sure to request one as soon as you arrive at the Smith Career Center. Abide by the rules on your pass; do not park in short-term spaces; do not park in handicapped spaces unless you have authorization. Career Services has no authority over parking and cannot void tickets. Smith Career Center driving directions and parking.
    • Check-in process: Upon arrival on your interview date, recruiters may go directly to the 2nd floor to check in at the employer relations reception desk. Once checked in, a member of the employer relations staff will escort you/your group to your interview room(s) and provide an orientation.
    • Internet access: Our campus provides you with wireless Internet; to gain access you will need to complete the form located in your interview room.


Please contact our Employer Relations staff.