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Dining Etiquette

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Dining etiquette can be critical to career and job search success!

2015 event flyer.

Employers want to observe your conduct during meals and social situations, particularly for jobs requiring a certain demeanor with clients and superiors. You could be closely scrutinized on your table manners and behavior.

On a practical level, interviews can last several hours or all day; the employer is gracious to host you for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. The meal is a time to visit and interact; this is always more important than the function of eating.

Annual fall etiquette dinner

Dining etiquette how-to

Dining etiquette Q & A


Career Services Annual Fall Etiquette Dinner
Dining Etiquette: A Networking & Fine Dining Experience

Students learned during the etiquette dinner.


Wed. October 28, 2015
Time: 5:00-7:30 pm
Check-in and networking: Begins at 5:00 pm
Be seated for dinner by 5:30 pm.


Owens Banquet Room


Business attire required


For Virginia Tech students enrolled during fall semester 2015 in any major or academic level.


(Vegetarian meal option)

Registration opens Mon. Sep. 14, 2015.
Registration closes when event is fully booked, OR Fri. Oct. 16, 2015, whichever occurs earlier.
Seating is limited to 200 students.
A waiting list MIGHT be established after the deadline; you may call us during office hours to ask; (540) 231-6241.

1. Login to Hokies4Hire.
2. Select "Career Events" on the top menu.
3. On career events page, from drop-down menu choose "Dining Etiquette." Click "Search."
4. Click "Dining Etiquette: A Networking and Fine Dining Experience" to register.


Fee to students, for this fine dining experience: $11.
The full cost of this event is much higher than what your registration fee covers. Sponsors contribute 75% of the total cost of this event. Thanks to our sponsors listed on right sidebar, students who register pay only a small portion of the actual cost.

Billing: Career Services is not responsible for billing; you will receive a statement from University Bursar Accounts Receivable Office.



Attendance expectation, courtesy and professionalism

2015 cancellation deadline is Wed. Oct. 14, 2015, before 5:00 pm, in order to receive a refund. You may cancel in person at Smith Career Center or by phone at (540) 231-6241. Note the office closes at 5pm. No refunds are given after the deadline.

If for any reason you realize you cannot attend, up to the day of the event, contact Career Services during office hours, by phone at (540) 231-6241 or in person.

Signing up for this event constitutes your commitment to attend. The purpose of this event is to help you learn to conduct yourself professionally in the workplace and elsewhere. We would be remiss in our duties to you as students if we did not let you know that failing to attend any meal or other business (or social) appointment to which you commit, without calling to cancel, is considered extremely discourteous to other individuals. Please recall that for this event, significant expense is made by others: 75% of your dinner expense is funded by our generous sponsors. Individuals who work for those sponsoring organizations travel to campus and extend their work day to host students at the dinner. Tables are set, seating assignments made, and dinner is prepared. When individuals no-show, this impacts and is a discourtesy to hosts, planners, sponsors, and the other students assigned to be seated at the same table. True emergencies, which are rare, with prompt contacts to explain, are understood. Changing your mind about attendance at the last minute does not constitute an emergency.

This excellent article points out that managing your time is managing your reputation: The topic of the RSVP and no-showing on


Business attire required.

On YouTube (4:19) "Global Image Group's Women's Guide to Professional Dress for an Interview"
Just remember that "professional" and "sexy" don't go together, and make sure you can walk comfortably in your shoes!

YouTube (4:19) " Global Image Group's Men's Guide to Professional Dress for an Interview"
Pssst: remember the dark socks to match the shoes!

Contact for questions:

Career Services
(540) 231-6241


Dining etiquette how-to

Career Services does not own or maintain the websites/pages linked below and we have no control over their content. We provide links as a service to students.


Includes this and much more:
- table manners 101
- table setting
- restaurant etiquette
- business dining etiquette
- international dining etiquette
- toasts and toasting
- eating everything from artichokes to watermelon
- challenging dining situations
- behavior to avoid at the table

Top ten table manners. [Emily]

Top ten etiquette tips for the business dinner or interview [Own the]


Dining etiquette

Dining etiquette how-to

Annual etiquette dinner

Dining etiquette Q&A

Become the elegant diner you can be!

To hire!
Students who
are polished
and professional!

Event sponsors:

2015 sponsors:
VT Alumni Association

2014 sponsors:
VT Alumni Association

2013 sponsors:
VT Alumni Association

2012 sponsors:
Ingersoll Rand
VT Alumni Association

2011 sponsors:
Capital One
Norfolk Southern
Northrop Grumman
VT Alumni Association

2010 sponsors:
VT Alumni Association

2009 sponsors:
Advance Auto Parts
Eaton Corporation
VT Alumni Association

2008 sponsors:
Wolseley North America (Ferguson)
VT Alumni Association
Lockheed Martin
Ameriprise Financial

2003 through 2007:
This event was co-sponsored with generous support from Wolseley North American Division (Ferguson Enterprises) and the Virginia Tech Alumni Association. Apex Systems joined us as a sponsor for the 2007 event.

We greatly appreciate the generosity of all our sponsors!