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 accepting a job offer
 acknowledging a job offer
 advising by scheduled appointment
 advising by 10-minute walk-in or call-in
    purpose of 10-minute walk-in advising
 alumni, networking contacts: Hokie Nation Network
 alumni, resources for
 attire, business casual
 attire for interviews
 Award for Excellence in Career Advising


 behavioral interviewing
 business casual attire
 business ettiquette in e-mail


 calendar of events
 Career Advising, Award for Excellence in
 career advisors for undergraduate majors; see Departmental Career Advisors
 Career Associates Program (replaced by Peer Career Advisors program effective fall 2013)
 career exploration
 Career Outfitters
 Career Planning Guide publication
 Career Resource Center at Career Services
 career fairs, how to prepare, what to do there
 career fairs, schedule
 cell phone | telephone use and issues in your job search
 choosing a major
 Connection Co-op & Internship Job Fair
 Cooperative Education / Internship Program:
   information for employers
   information for students enrolling / enrolled in the program
   information for students, FAQs
   information for students, how to find co-op and internship jobs
   information for students, program requirements
 contact us whom to contact for what
 contracts, employment
 correspondence for job search, guidelines
 correspondence, e-mail
 correspondence, thank-you letters
 cover letters, types and samples
 curriculum vitae


 Departmental Career Advisors (DCAs) [career advisors for undergraduate majors]
 dining etiquette, information, and annual dinner event
 dining etiquette, Q & A
 disabilities, students with, career-related resources for


 email guidelines and business etiquette in your job search
 emailing resumes
 employers: which ones interview on campus? see On-Campus Interviewing
 employment contracts
 events calendar
 exploring career options
 externship and/or job shadowing


 faculty and staff referrals of students to advising
 Federal government job search process
 follow-up letters


 G.A. [graduate assistantship] position in Career Services
 GLBTQ = Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning on-line career resources
 Going Global for Virginia Tech currently-enrolled students and employees
 graduate and professional school, preparing to attend
 graduate students, career resources for
 graduate students, academic job search
 graduate students, industry and government job search
 guide to majors; see Undergraduate Majors A-Z at Virginia Tech


 handshakes in the job search
 Health Professions Advising (HPA)
 Hokie Nation Network online professional networking
 Hokies4Hire, about
 Hokies4Hire, FAQs
 Hokies4Hire, student login
 home page, Career Services


 informational interviews to learn about careers
 international jobs and opportunities, websites to find
 international students, job search advice for
 internships, Co-op & Internship Program
 internships, Frequently Asked Questions
 internships, how to find co-op and internships jobs
 internships, websites with job listings
 internships in Career Services (merged with Peer Career Advisor Program spring 2014)
 interview attire
 interview DOs and DON'Ts
 interview follow-up / thank-you letters
 Interview Stream online practice interview program available 24/7
 interviewing guide
 interviewing, behavioral
 interviewing, questions you ask the employer
 interviewing, sample questions
 interviewing, sample questions for teaching candidates
 interviewing, telephone interviews
 interviews, practice
 interviews, on-site
 interviews, on-site, expenses
 interviews, responding to salary questions


 job and career fairs, how to prepare, what to do there
 job and career fairs, schedule
 job, internship & career info websites, index of topics and fields
 job listings, advertised jobs
 job offers, accepting
 job offers, acknowledging
 job offers, asking for extension of deadline to respond
 job offers, declining
 job offers, reneging
 job offers, responding | acknowledging
 job search clubs
 job search, ethical issues
 job search, how to start looking online
 job search, pros and cons of the ways to look for jobs
 job search, top tips




 LGBTQ = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning career career resources
 letters; see correspondence for job search, guidelines and
     cover letters, types and samples

 LinkedIn online professional networking
 local job search resources
 location of Career Services


 majors, undergraduate, career advisors for; see Departmental Career Advisors
 majors, Undergraduate Majors A-Z, with career options for
 majors, choosing
 medical careers; see Health Professions Advising (HPA)
 Mock Interview Program


 negotiating salary
 networking professionally online with LinkedIn
 networking professional online VT contacts: Hokie Nation Network


 office hours
 On-Campus Interviewing Program, for employers
 On-Campus Interviewing Program, for students
 online networking
 on-site interviewing


 Peer Career Advisors
 personal websites, your online presence
 personality assessments
 phone, use and issues in your job search
 phone interviews
 Post-Graduation Report (survey results viewable by anyone)
 Post-Graduation Survey login (for new VT grads only)
 practice interviews
 pre-dental advising; see Health Professions Advising (HPA)
 pre-medical advising; see Health Professions Advising (HPA)
 pre-professional school advisors
 presentations, requesting
 pros and cons of the ways to look for jobs




 rankings, ratings, reviews of employers and internships
 reference list sample
 relocation housing resources for internships, co-ops, jobs
 reneging, ethical issues
 reports, for colleges
 reports, Post-Graduation
 requesting presentations
 research websites, for industry and career research
 researching employers
 resume guide
 resumes, content, sections
 resumes, emailing, hard copy, submitting online
 resumes, format, page layout, templates, samples
 resumes, frequent mistakes
 resumes, frequently asked questions
 resumes, GPA, whether or not to include
 resumes, length
 resumes, listing websites, your online presence
 resumes, page layout, templates, format, samples
 resumes, purpose
 resumes, reviews
 resumes, samples
 resumes, scannable a brief history lesson


 salary information sources
 salary negotiation
 salary questions in interviews, responding to
 scannable resumes a brief history lesson
 seminars; see calendar of events
 social media, your online presence
 staff and faculty referrals of students to advising


 thank-you / follow-up letters
 telephone ettiquette
 telephone, use and issues in your job search
 telephone interviews and sreening


 URL for personal websites, listing on your resume; your online presence


 Virginia and local jobs and info
 Virginia Tech home page
 VT Career Outfitters


 walk-in (or call-in) 10-minute advising
 websites: jobs, internships, career info; for college students and new grads
 websites, jobs, internships, career info; career field menu
 websites, jobs, internships, career info; general
 websites, job, internship resources, Virginia and local
 websites, international opportunities
 websites, internships
 websites, listing on your resume, your online presence
 websites, research, for industry and career research
 what can I do with my major?
 work and learn in Career Services, student opportunities
 workshops; see calendar of events






office hours