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Career Services provides advising to Virginia Tech students of all majors and academic levels on aspects of career planning including: exploring self, careers, and majors; seeking experience during college; seeking post-graduation employment; planning for graduate or professional school; and health professions advising.


10-minute walk-in | @ SCC

10-minute walk-in | satellite locations

10-minute walk-in | grad students @ GLC

Topics | student prep

Mock [practice] interviews

Career advising in your major dept. Departmental Career Advisors [DCAs]

Specialty advising

Faculty/staff referrals to advising

10-minute walk-in advising | Smith Career Center
ALERT: Please be aware of occasional closings and changes to walk-in advising hours!
These are noted in our office hours. Check it before you come in!
For When Where
All students
Resume reviews
All career topics *
more info
Noon-3pm when classes in session
1-3pm during breaks
Smith Career Center
Fall extra hours Resumania for
10-minute walk-in resume reviews
Six dates only:
Tuesdays, Sep. 1, 8, 15
Wednesdays, Sep. 2, 9,16
Smith Career Center
Health Professions Advising questions Wednesdays
Smith Career Center
10-minute walk-in advising | Satelite locations
For When Where
Graduate students
more info
Wednesdays | 2-5pm
Fall 2015: Sep 23 - Dec 9
Spring 2016: Jan 27 - May 11
(not during spring break, Mar 9)
Grad Life Center
College of Engineering students Wednesdays | 2-5:30pm
Fall 2015: Sep 23 - Nov. 18
Spring 2016: Feb 3 - Apr 27
(not during spring break, Mar. 9)
Hancock Hump Day spring flyer
Hancock Atrium
College of Natural Resources & Environment students Wednesdays
Spring 2016:
Cheatham hours: 12:30-2pm
Cheatham dates:
- Jan 27, Feb 10 & 24, Mar 16 & 30
- Apr 13, May 4
Major Bill hours: 10:30am-12:30pm
Major Bill dates:
- Feb 3 & 17, Mar 2 & 23, Apr 6 & 20
Cheatham Conf. Rm 136B
Major Bill Conf. Rm. 117
Walk-in advising is not held when the university is closed for holidays.
* Please note we may refer you to an advising appointment as a follow-up to walk-in advising when this would best serve you.


M-F 10-minute walk-in advising at Smith Career Center:

Academic semesters and terms:
Fall (+1 week prior) | Wintermester | Spring | Summer I/II
Noon-3:00 pm
BREAKS: Thanksgiving break, Spring break, between semesters/terms. 1:00-3:00 pm
Virginia Tech academic calendars provide academic semester/term dates.
We sometimes CLOSE or CHANGE hours: please see office hours before you come in!
Traffic is very heavy before career fairs. Plan ahead. Last-minute visit at your own risk!
Topics & prep: Topics can cover anything of concern to you related to career planning and preparation where you have questions with quick answers and/or need guidance on using our online and print resources.
For document reviews, please use our prep resources for the basics; we can help you the most, and help you fine-tune, if you prepare.
Resume guide
Cover letter guidelines
Reference list instructions
Career Planning Guide is free to students; pick up during office hours.
Hard copy for resume & other document reviews: Bring a hard copy for reviews of documents including resumes, cover letters, and personal statements. If you don't have access to a printer, just ask at the reception desk when you check in about how to print a copy at Smith Career Center; we're happy to assist.
Class assigment? If you are visiting for a class assignment, please take advantage of the same preparation as all other students.
Can I call? Yes, you certainly may call in for questions. We might need to return your call if advisors are with students at the time you call.
Resume and other document reviews by phone need to be scheduled as phone appointments: schedule a phone appointment.
Wait time? First-come, first-served. You may find a longer wait before deadlines and career fairs; last-minute visits are at your own risk.
Time with advisor? At advisor discretion considering your topic, needs, your preparation, number of students waiting; generally 1-10 mins.
You are welcome to stay in our Career Resource Center to read and edit your resume or other document on your laptop; however, when there are many students waiting advisors are not able to sit with you while you make your edits.
More / different time or help? If you want more in-depth help, more time, a set time, or a more private conversation, we welcome you to schedule an appointment. An advisor may recommend an appointment as well.

Resume reviews prior to job/career fairs:
- First, read and use our resume preparation guide and/or Career Planning Guide.
- 10-minute walk-in is to help you fine-tune and individualize. Use prep sources for basic how-to.
- Visit at least several business days prior to your fair. Your fair might be just one of three or four fairs occuring in the same week!
- Note our fall Resumania dates with extra hours for quick resume reviews.
- Please bring a hard copy of your resume.
- If you choose to wait until the last minute to visit, you might encounter a long wait, a very short time we can spend with you, and the possibility that not all students can be seen. We really want to assist you, so please visit early!


10-minute walk-in advising for graduate students



Mon-Fri 10-minute walk-in advising at Smith Career Center.
For all students.


Wednesday 10-minute walk-in advising, at the Graduate Life Center.
For graduate students only.
Where: GLC lobby, first floor: GLC floor plan map/directions
Hours / dates 2015-2016:
- Wednesdays, 2:00-5:00 pm
- Fall semester 2015 starting Sep. 23.
- Not held Tgiving break and other dates the university is closed.
- Spring semester 2016 dates TBA [not held Spring break].
- No summer hours in GLC; please use 10-min walk-in advising at Smith CC.

If 10-minute walk-in advising times do not work for your schedule, we are happy to assist you through a scheduled appointment.

Advising appointments, in person or by phone:

When: Academic year and summer (see office hours for dates we are closed).
Made in advance; no same-day appointments scheduled.
Typically 30 minutes, between 8:30 am - noon and 1:30 - 4:30 pm.
Mock (a.k.a. practice) interviews are scheduled for 60 minutes.
See Practice interviews for complete details and how to schedule.
Where: In-person at Smith Career Center, or by phone for those unable to come in.
Topics: Topics can cover anything of concern to you related to career planning and preparation. See things we can (and can't!) help you with so you'll know what to do before your appointment, and the correct source to find help, just in case it's not us.
To schedule: During office hours call (540) 231-6241 or stop by Smith Career Center.
We are not able to schedule appointments via email.
Need to cancel? Call us! Please give us (and other students) the courtesy of a phone call to our office so we can offer that time to other students and do other work. No-showing for appointments is viewed as highly discourteous and is rarely excusable. Let's be honest: It's not cool, and we know you wouldn't want someone to no-show on you either.


Specialty advising  |   Help we can (and can't!) provide you


Choosing a major | exploring career options for majors:

Before your appointment, take a look at exploring careers and majors. In your appointment we can work with you to determine what will best help you.

We cannot advise you on academic course requirements!

DO contact your academic advisor or the department offering the major for course advising.

Course selection & academic advising when you are between majors:

If you are between majors and are uncertain about courses to take, you are welcome to seek advising for "transitional students" through University Studies.

In Career Services, we can help you with the process of developing your career goals; but we are not authorized to advise you on specific courses to take to meet academic requirements.

Course requirements for a specific major and transferring into a major:

  1. Read that academic department's website.
  2. Find and read the checksheet for that major and any other sources of requirements.
  3. Read and follow any rules that department may have for transferring into the major.
  4. In accordance with those rules, schedule academic advising in that major department.

"What if" scenarios: Courses needed if in a different major:

In Hokie SPA order a "What-if DARS."
University Registrar: Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS).
In the "What-if DARS," select the anticipated major, your anticipated graduation date and on the question of whether to use "planned courses," select "no."
Read the results very carefully (do not just skim) using the University Registrar's Organization of a DARS Report, and seek advising in the academic department housing the major in accordance with the policy of that department. Academic departments, by college.

Career advising by undergraduate major:

Career and internship advisors for undergraduate majors, also called Departmental Career Advisors: Faculty and/or staff for and in your academic department for your undergraduate major. The career advisor in your major might be different from, or the same as, your academic advisor in your major. Each department structures advising to best serve their students. Get advice and guidance, and learn about careers related to your undergraduate major.

Looking for experience during college, such as internships or co-op positions:

Excellent! Read about ways to get experience, two of which are internships and co-op; but also note the many other ways. (Most VT grads obtained experience before graduation, but many wish they had gotten more!) In an appointment, we can help steer you to best sources to meet your goals, and help you make sure your goals are on track.

To enroll in Career Services' Undergraduate Cooperative Education & Internship Program (CEIP):

Read program requirements & eligibility. CEIP orientations are held several times each semester and are required for program participation. There are co-op & internship advisors by major in both Career Services and your academic major department and you may consult both.

Job search for post-graduation job:

Our job search guide gets you started on basics so your appointment time can be spent most effectively. In an appointment we can help you fine-tune your documents and job search strategies. Job search for graduate students covers the academic job search, industry job search, events, more.

On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) and Hokies4Hire:

See about OCI & H4H to learn how to use these services and get answers to frequently asked questions and sources of help. If you encounter a glitch or confusion in using H4H, please contact our employer relations staff at; we do not want you to miss any opportunities!

Planning for graduate or professional school:

See planning for graduate and professional school; this will help you get started before your appointment, and make you aware of events for exploration, application and test practice & prep that you will want to use to the fullest. In an appointment we can help you fine-tune your documents and plans.

Pre-professional School Advising: Virginia Tech faculty and staff who advise on preparing for professional school admission, other web resources, events and student organizations.

Health professions | planning for graduate education for a health career:

Health Professions Advising [HPA] at Virginia Tech is located in Career Services and assists students and alumni planning for health professional careers requiring graduate or professional education. Information for advisees and information sessions and other events will help you prepare.

Federal jobs & internships advising:

By appointment at Career Services.

See federal job search process and resources for you.

Alumni career and networking contacts:

Hokie Nation Network: Sponsored by the Virginia Tech Alumni Association. Enables students and graduates to network for career information and job search.


Faculty and staff referring students to Career Services:

Thank you for your interest in developing your students's job search skills!
We look forward to working with you to assist your students, know your expectations of them, and have them arrive prepared by using our resources in advance.
Please see:
- Referring classes or groups to Career Services and
- Student preparation needed for resume/cover letter critiques.
- Referring students for practice (mock) interviews.

If you are referring a class or group, please call in advance (231-6241) so we can collaborate on timing to best meet the needs of our students with existing resources. Without this, students often wait until a deadline, many visit in a short time, and we do not have the resources to see all of them. We look forward to your call in advance to work with your group!

For practice interview assignments for classes: Faculty and staff: please use interview Stream or call us to arrange when and how students can schedule in-person mock interviews.

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More specialty advising:

Career Services is part of a community of advising resources in the university, which includes:

Undergraduate career & internship advisors: Also called departmental career advisors, or DCAs, these are faculty or staff in your undergraduate major department. Get advice and learn about careers related to your major.

Pre-professional school advisors: Virginia Tech faculty and staff who advise on preparing for professional school admission.

Health Professions Advising: HPA at Virginia Tech assists students and alumni planning for health professional careers requiring graduate or professional education.

Federal jobs & internships advising

University Studies: Offers academic advising to "transitional students" who are exploring or between majors.

Writing Center at Virginia Tech: for all VT students and F/S. Appointments recommended.

Hokie Nation Network: Sponsored by the Virginia Tech Alumni Association. Enables students and graduates to network for career information and job search.

Career Services advising is for:





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